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Excellent Roti Prata

Posted by chanxj on 09 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Food

Yesterday after a trek to HSBC canopy walk at Macritchie trails  with pkchukiss, my uncle, and mr foo, we went for Roti Prata and it was one of the best i have ever ate. The coffee shop is called shibly Indian Food. Picture below taken by me using pkchukiss camera :)


Food in SP

Posted by chanxj on 04 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Food

Many people i know go out of SP during their lunch break to have their lunch. I often wonder why? Some of them haven’t even travelled to all SP food courts before and they really dunno what they are missing out on!

Here are some photos of the Zha Jiang Mian (minced pork meat noodle with sauce) sold at FC 3, a must try:

Delights of life

Posted by chanxj on 04 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Food

In life, what can be better than enjoying your time with your friends and family? Here’s some photos of Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry I had with my friend at Suntec Yesterday :)