My job as a soundman brings me to many places and day by day, I see the evolution of our reliance on electronics.

Over at Republic Poly sometime in march last year, they have a state of the art cultural center fitted with wonderful state of the art sound equipment such as the sennheiser 3000 series wireless mics and the industry reowned Yamaha PM1D Digital sound mixer. Below is me with the mixer.

Giant Yamaha pm1d Mixer at Republic Polytechnic Cultural centre

A Digital mixer is really a godsend if the performance ur mixing for involves more than 1 A Cappella Group UNTIL

The mixer crashes!!! YES IT CRASHES. Its technically a “computer” remember? That is the very time, I’m really wishing i had the analog mixer that i always want to junk.

The effects are not patched through, the sound kept clipping due to the processor not working properly etc.

This is one of those days where we really have to think whether we should increase our reliance on electronics.