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Imagine Cup – Arrival in Paris

Posted by chanxj on 04 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: France, Imagine Cup, Photography, Singapore Polytechnic

We arrived in Paris Yesterday.

Picture speaks a thousand words so here goes :)

@ the Airport

Our Mentor from SP Leon chatting with the mentor of TP's software Design team

On the bus

The Concorde Aircraft which is now out of service

@ The Hotel

View from our hotel room on the 31st floor

To and fro from Paris City Hall

Lining up to enter city hall

Yang Lin(green jacket) from TP being teased by edwin(The grey jacket) from Microsoft USA

Denver From NYP

Internal of City Hall

Team TP for Software Design Category

Direction FAIL!

Team Singapore Dying from Jet Lag

External of City Hall

Thats All for now :) Competition starts in 3 hours. Will post more walk around photos when I’m free.

Imagine Cup – We’re Flying Today

Posted by chanxj on 02 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: France, Imagine Cup, Singapore Polytechnic, Youth Activities

Singapore Awards Ceremony

Today, Soon Bing and I would be flying off to Paris, France to compete in the Imagine Cup Photography Category Finals together with our mentor Leon Chua. I would like to take this chance to thank everybody who have been supportive of us, especially our Lecturer, Mdm Choo who has been helping us all this while whenever we have met with problems and we wouldn’t be there if she did not suggest we enter in this category. I would also like to specially thank all my family members for rendering soooooooooo much help.

Don’t fret, we will do our best over there and make all of you, our valuable supporters proud. I don’t think we’ll do badly anyway, as the worse we can get is 6th place in the world(our target is first) :)

I will try to find time to update this blog over in Paris. So stay tune.

Protected: Black is Beautiful- GEMS TRDP Tutorial 2

Posted by chanxj on 30 Jun 2008 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Isotonic – Tone’s Inaugural Concert

Posted by chanxj on 07 Jun 2008 | Tagged as: Music, Photography, The A Cappella Scene

These days, there are many people who love to Sing, but very rarely will you find a youth group holding their concert at the esplanade.

On the 3rd and 4th of June, i was covering such a concert by Tone, a youth A Cappella Group in Singapore. With the gracious help of The A Cappella Society, they successfully held 2 nights of concert which was almost full at the Esplanade Recital Studio

Here are some pictures of the event :)

Ella Ella Eh, Under my umbrella......

Imagine Cup-Photography Category

Posted by chanxj on 23 May 2008 | Tagged as: Photography, Singapore Polytechnic, Thoughts

Today has been a crazy day.

First, I got news that my fellow committee members of the SP Videography Club have all been awarded the directors roll for excellent result. The whole committee of 7 people man. Thats news.

Little did i know that there was a bigger surprise waiting for me, and that is Soon Bing and I getting to the finals of the Imagine Cup Photography Category in France, Paris! This is such a huge surprise for us. So many people participated. Just within Singapore Polytechnic, there were more than 4 teams participating(and some teams had members studying in media and design courses) while Soon Bing and I, the art terrorists actually got through the the finals where the final 6 teams fight out for the 1st position.

For those who would want to see our lousy entry, here it is :

Extraordinary Out of Ordinary- GEMS TRDP Tutorial 1

Posted by chanxj on 11 May 2008 | Tagged as: Photography, Thoughts, Uncategorized

National Museum of Singapore-Where History Survives

I took this photograph at the National Museum of Singapore. What I wanted to portray is that in Singapore, it is extraordinary that old buildings can blend in with its new surroundings as the country prospers. The building may just be an ordinary one, but what happens is that it blends seamlessly into its current surrounding, and that is due to the hard work and thoughts put in by the architect during the design process. The composition technique used behind this photo is the rules of thirds, triangle technique, and the use of Blank Space. The shadow of the new building and the old wing in the photo gives depth to the picture. In this photograph, which is also the National Museum, I wanted to show that the architect made extraordinary use of clean lines and curves to shape the building. Futhermore, the use of glass panels gives the building a grand and magnificent look in the night. The composition technique used in this photographs is leading lines and patterns. The pathway for vehicles  and the cylindrical curve of the building guides the viewers towards the drop off area where lights light up the building in the night.

Singapore Polytechnic – The common staircases

Buildings in Singapore have many thoughts put in during the design process, but many people fail to appreciate the though put in by the designers in enhancing the buildings feasibility while not letting off in the design section.

This picture is actually that of the air vents of the stairway in Singapore Polytechnic. What amazing is that the architect thought of using the vents as part of the building design, and at the same time allowing light and air into the interior of the building livening the otherwise boring and stale stairways.

Composition technique used here is actually the Triangle technique. At the same time, the perspective was chosen to give a sense of depth to the picture by making use of the lines to allow the picture to show the continuous lines.

Some other aspects people always miss out is actually what the interior designers of the buildings have done. Over here, the wall has been painted with blocks of colors to liven up the place, where especially at night, where a blank wall coupled with dark lighting will give a ghostly feel.

Composition technique used here was the use of repeating patterns.


In my life other than my family members and friends, I have three other loves

1st love:


Music plays a large role in my life, although its not a subject i study. I love to sing, and play the piano. In primary school, i had been in the chinese orchestra as a percussionist, and in secondary school in the choir. I also play the piano.

The use of the piano as the foreground here has two purpose. One is to add depth to the photo. Next, to show my love/interest in music.

2nd and 3rd love:

Photography & IT

In this photo, I wanted to show that i am frequently in front of the computer(if not out having a life or photographing) , either post processing my photographs or doing IT related assignments as part of the course I’m in.

I used the screens to partly illuminate my face to give the mysterious feel, as in the cyber world, people seldom get to see my face.

These two photos were self taken with a tripod.

John Wood

Posted by chanxj on 20 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Thoughts

I had just read a book titled “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” by John Wood, and I have to say, the work done by him has just been incredulous.

John left Microsoft (the closed world) after a trip to nepal opened his eyes up to the reality of life, where many people are struggling and not given the chance for proper education. He started room to read, an organisation that “partners with local communities throughout the developing world to establish schools, libraries, and other educational infrastructure.”.

One lesson i learnt from this book is that although the path one walks is uncertain, we certainly can walk it one step at a time, learning from our mistakes, learning from our sucesses.

snail walking up pathway

Just like the picture on top, the determined snail(which is very slow) has a long path take goes on with the journey, the path we take can be long, but as long as there is determination, we can certainly finish the job/work set out for us to complete.

The Environment

Posted by chanxj on 10 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Thoughts

Ants are a hardworking lot of insects. I have a friend called anthony who i will describe as someone who works as hard as ants.

Ok so why are we talking about ants here?

Today, i was the photographer for a “lecture” and Q&A session by Lord Nicolas Stern who wrote the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (Although i thought that he could have travelled to the lecture in a greener toyota prius rather than a BMW). There is a point that i totally agree with Lord Nicolas Stern and it is that everyone has a part to play in making recommendations work.

If we as humans can work together like ants :) there would be so much more that can be done in conserving our environment.

Excellent Roti Prata

Posted by chanxj on 09 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Food

Yesterday after a trek to HSBC canopy walk at Macritchie trails  with pkchukiss, my uncle, and mr foo, we went for Roti Prata and it was one of the best i have ever ate. The coffee shop is called shibly Indian Food. Picture below taken by me using pkchukiss camera :)


HDR Photographs

Posted by chanxj on 08 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: Photography

HDR techniques are frequently applied by many photographers to give their pictures a high range of colors and exposure normally impossible with normal cameras. The common technique is to use multiple photos of the same angle exposed differently and then in the current digital age, map those photographs together using softwares like Photomatix(my fav) and photoshop. Below is a not so good HDR i took handheld(Please do not learn from me and be lazy :) )


The Three Source Files:

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